Unlocking wealth preservation: The power of family investment companies (“FICs”)

In the realm of wealth management, the savvy investor is always on the lookout for strategies that combine financial flexibility, tax efficiency, and legacy preservation. Enter the Family Investment Company, a sophisticated operating structure that holds the promise of safeguarding family wealth for generations to come. At its core, a FIC is a vessel through […]

Employee Incentivisation

Most successful trading companies or groups endeavour to find suitable methods of rewarding and incentivizing key employees within the senior management team, with a view to retaining them on a longer term basis. These individuals can often play a vital role in a company’s ambitious growth plans, making it crucial to devise effective strategies. While […]

Pre-sale trust planning

If you are a business owner who is considering selling your trading company, you may be looking for ways to maximise your tax benefits and protect your assets. One strategy that you might consider is transferring your Business Relief qualifying shares into a Discretionary Trust before the sale to a third party. Here’s what you […]

Employee ownership trusts (“EOTs”) – A better way to sell a business?

If you own a trading company, you can sell some, or all, of your shares to an employee ownership trust (EOT) (subject to satisfying certain conditions) for full market value without incurring any capital gains tax liability in a way which also benefits your employees. What is an EOT? An EOT is a special form […]